About Us

nanAlbania Travel & Tours is a travel agency established by Ejona, Blerta and Elvis, 3 siblings living between Albania and Austria.

Since the three of us are very passionate about traveling and discovering other parts of the world, we decided to turn our passion into a family business. So far we have been among those who have traveled the world, and from now on our mission is to support all visitors who consider traveling to Albania. We know what it takes to plan a trip to a not very well-known country. It takes time, it costs money and often we do not get to see hidden sights and landmarks of that country, due to lack of insider information.

Our primary goal is to make sure that you have the best trip ever to Albania. We will save you time, we will find the best deals for you and we will be your companion from the first day you think of visiting Albania to the day you return to your homeland.

We help you plan, organize and book your trip to Albania! We have gone through a selection process in every corner of Albania in order to choose the best partners possible. We have carefully screened the best tour providers, hotels, local guides, restaurants, transport service providers and much more in the heart of each destination. We collaborate only with the best.

nanAlbania’s ambition is to be a decisive player on the pursuit of making Albania an equally popular destination as other countries in southern Europe.

Why nanAlbania?

The word “nan” means mother in the northern dialect. By combining the word “nan” with Albania we introduce a very simple and understandable notion for everyone around the globe. Some call their homeland “Motherland” and others call it “Fatherland”.

We call Albania “Motherland”, which leads to the conclusion that nanAlbania means simply “motherland Albania”.