Support Local Economy

We at nanAlbania believe that by supporting the local economy, we are looking after the community we live in and give all the members of that community a chance to thrive. We all know that Albania is playing catch up with other developed countries in Europe and only the countribution of every single player will help the country move to the next stages of economic development. One of the pillars of our business model is working closely with small family businesses in order to help them generate tourism-related income. Tourism is improving lives of many families and will continue to do so even in the future. We believe that by supporting our local partners on their quest for success, we will also be able to offer unique experiences to all the visitors tavelling to Albania.

We consider ourselves lucky, because we have had the chance to travel and see the world and right know our main purpose is to give local Albanian communities, e.x. guesthouses and hotels, farms, restaurants and artisans, a chance to show to visitors what they can do. We want to show to everyone the other side of Albania. We want people to know that Albania has magnificent spirit, very positive vibes, creative and charming people, cultural heritage and above all, a welcoming tradition which goes back over a thousand years ago. If you believe in our cause and are curious about Albania and its people, book your flight and schedule a trip to Albania. We promise you that after your first trip, you will consider coming back here again.

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