What to expect from Albania

Though small in size, this unique country has plenty of character. Situated on South-eastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, Albania is a mix of sweeping coastlines, mountainous terrains and archaeological sites, attracting history enthusiasts, active travellers and food lovers alike. Like many of its neighbours, Albania has shaken off its somewhat troubled history to become an incredibly interesting, engaging travel destination.

On tours to Albania visitors will notice that the capital, Tirana, in particular, has undergone a remarkable transformation from its communist past to become a vibrant, accessible city with myriad tourist attractions. Architecture with Ottoman and Italian influences can still be seen, while grey communist buildings, now set alongside sprawling public squares and bustling streets, have been repainted in bright colors.

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Things to do in Albania

Vacations in Albania take place against an astonishing natural backdrop that includes a whopping fourteen National Parks and adventure destinations that cater for everything from spelunking and trekking to skiing, rafting and kayaking. Culinary explorers can look forward to wonderful Mediterranean cuisine that draws on influences from Greece and Italy and includes an abundance of locally-grown produce like olives, grapes, peppers, figs and leafy greens.

Tours in Albania

Now that you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of what Albania has to offer, it’s time to book a tour package and visit Albania as soon as possible! At nanAlbania, we have various comprehensive tours, which match your needs. Feel free to check out some of them!

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