Preserve the Nature

Albania is a nature-lover’s paradise, and we at nanAlbania are passionate about working with communities to support actions that foster sustainable development and nature conservation.

Albania offers a wide variety of landscapes, including 15 national parks that start in the North in the Accursed Mountains and end in the South in the coastal areas. There are approximately 3.000 different species of plants in the country, while the forests create a favourable environment for endemic and sub-endemic species. You can find here species of mammals including wolves, polecats and chamois. For bird-lovers there are around 350 bird-species to be seen, including white flamingos, dalmatian pelicans, wetland eagles and egrets, while lakes and rivers teem with a rich variety of aquatic life.

We value the natural habitat and protect, promote, conserve and preserve the rich biodiversity of our country.

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