15 Days
May – September

If you think you know Albania, think again

You’ll be living your best Albanian life on this sun, sea & culture-rich trip in landscapes that look like they’ve been photoshopped, spotless beaches, and charming cities. You will have 15 free days for laying on sun lounges, diving into bluer-than-blue water and treating your eyeballs to landscapes that are so good it actually hurts. Step back in time and marvel at the remnants of Ancient and Medieval History with extensive exploring of National Parks and UNESCO Sites. Butrint National Park, Berat, Gjirokastra and many other Albanian treasures will be uncovered through the wisdom of an Albanian tour guide. Schmoozing with the locals. And with us, you won’t just see it. You’ll do it.

WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, comfortable sneakers, flip-flops, hat, sunscreen and beach clothing.
Accommodation 3 and 4 Star Hotels
(Double/Twin Rooms)
Breakfast Transportation with car, minivan or bus (depending on the group size)
Driver/Escort Guide

Cancellation Policy

Reservations & Payments

• Early reservations are essential
• Deposits and all payments may be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
• A deposit of 30% of the total amount is required as a deposit at the time of reservation
• One month prior to departure – BALANCE DUE
• No cancellation policy applied 90 days prior to tour departure.
• Failure to submit final payment by the above-noted deadlines may result in automatic cancellation of space & forfeiture of non-refundable deposits

Day 1

Mother Theresa Airport – Shkoder

Welcome to Albania!

Upon arrival at the Airport, our guide will welcome you and will lead us on a 2 hour journey.
Shkodra! The city of Culture, Art, Sea, Lake and Mountain.
Upon arrival in Shkodra, we will visit the Rozafa Castle and enjoy the panoramic view of Skadar Lake, Drini, Buna and Kir rivers.
Here, we will discover the most famous Albanian legend, the Rozafa legend at Shkodra´s Castle.
Afterwards, we will have the pleasure to go through the pedestrian area of the city, which is a lively evidence of the historic influence of Italy and Austria.
We will have lunch in a local restaurant in Shkodra and then will dig deeper into the lifestyle of the locals in the 19th century, through a visit at Marubi Photographic Museum. It exhibits a selection of 500.000 negatives in various techniques and formats.
In the afternoon, we will drive for about 30 minutes to visit the Messi Bridge, built in the 18th century. It is the largest bridge that remains from the Ottoman period in Albania.
As we come back in Shkodra, delicious local food will be waiting for us.
Accommodation and overnight in Shkodra.

Day 2

Shkoder – Thrown Sand – Fishte

After a nice breakfast in Shkodra, it is time to discover a beach on the Adriatic Coastline, Thrown Sand, in Lezhe. (1 hour drive)
It holds this name because of high sandy hills on which we can slide like we did when we were kids. We can also play board games or volleyball, while soaking up the sun rays and having a cold beer.
In the afternoon, we will leave for the most famous agro-tourism village in Albania, Fishte in Lezha. (40 minutes by car)
Known for its slow food tradition, we will experience the real Albanian Cuisine with local specialities, rich traditional food and beautiful nature.
This place has the power to make us want to come back again!
There are plenty of activities which we may enjoy while staying here.
Riding the horse and walking through the mountain trails of the area are among the most popular ones.
We will spend the night in a guesthouse in Fishte, where we get to know the history and the costumes of the region.

Day 3

Fishte – Kruje – Durres

The breakfast in Fishta will be followed by one hour drive where it lays a small town full of greatness, Kruja.
Also known as the city of Scanderbeg – the Albanian National Hero, Kruja reveals centuries-old Albanian history.
The Ethnographic Museum and the Castle of Kruja are the most important sites that bring to light the Albanian life in the 1700s.
Once we pass by Kruja Bazaar, we will immediately notice the beautiful handicrafts and embroideries made by locals, in the same way as in the 14th century.
Definitely, it will be hard to choose the perfect souvenir as a memory from Albania.
We will have lunch in Kruja and then will continue to Durres, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic coast.
Deep blue water, fine sand and perennial pines, will make us feel the light breeze of the afternoon.

Accommodation and overnight in Durres.

Day 4

Durres – Berat (UNESCO) – Vlore

A new, long and adventurous day is ahead of us.
After breakfast in Durres, we will drive for about 2 hours among olive groves and agricultural areas to reach another treasure of Albania.
The city of “one over one window”, BERAT!!!
Osumi river which flows through the city, cobblestone streets, unique architecture and the stone castle will remind us of the scenic views of classic movies.
Under the protection of UNESCO, this 2400 year old city has a lot to offer: Berat Castle, Onufri Museum, Berat Mosque and the old Gorica Bridge.
Surprisingly enough, the Castle of Berat is habitable even today.
As we dig deeper into the history of Berat, we will also uncover the work of Onufri and other well-known Albanian painters.
Once we will have lunch in Berat, will head to Vlora, known as the city of Independence with the most beautiful beaches in Albania.

Accommodation and overnight in Vlora.

Day 5

Vlore – Llogara Pass – Dhermi Beach

Once we enjoy a delicious breakfast in the coastal city of Vlora we will set off towards Dhermi Beach (around 90 minutes’ drive), known as the bay house in Albania.
On the way to Dhermi, we will stop to the picturesque scenery of the South, Llogara Pass.
At an altitude of over 1000 m the wide Ionian coastline will be in front of our eyes.
The crystal clear water, the pebble beaches and the freshness of the mountain, would be hard to forget.
Once we arrive in Dhermi, we will have lunch, enjoy the sun rays, cool beach bars and nightclubs.
For those of you who are keen on adventure sports, Dhermi offers: jet-skiing and parachuting.
Have dinner in Dhermi and get accommodated in the hotel.

Day 6

Dhermi Beach

Dhermi, is a village with the highest number of churches in Albania and the place where Julius Caesar’s defeated Pompey’s army.
Apart from the beautiful nature and crystal clear water, this village also serves as a base to some of the most precious treasures of the Ionian Sea.
So today, we will explore the surrounding area!
To reach the charming village of VUNOI, we have to walk for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Located on the slope of the mountain, Vunoi offers a stunning view of the Albanian Riviera.
From Dhermi, we can also reach 2 other beaches: Drymades, and Palase, in just one hour on foot.
If we walk a bit further, we may also discover the secluded beach of Gjipe.
As a kindly reminder, please do not forget to take comfortable sneakers with you, as the road to Gjipe is not at all suitable for flip flops.
However, the struggle is totally worth it!
We will go back to Dhermi and spend the night there. Have Breakfast and Dinner in Dhermi.
Day 7

Dhermi Beach – Jale Beach

After having breakfast in Dhermi, we will head to another beach, Jale.
Just 30 minutes away by car from Dhermi, Jale offers a completely different dimension from what we have seen so far.
Besides clear water and spectacular landscapes, Jale also has the liveliest nightlife and the most luxurious bars and hotels in the area.

To fully enjoy what Jale has to offer, we will spend the night in Jale and get ready for the next day. Have lunch and dinner in Jale.

Day 8

Jale Beach – Himare Beach

After breakfast in Jale, we will drive for about 20 minutes to reach Himare beach.
Himare comes as an all inclusive package where we can have a grasp of nature and history of the area all in one place.
Located on the ruins of an old castle, this village offers stunning views of the Ionian Sea.
We may go for a walk along the pedestrian area while being kissed by the sun rays and having a cold beer to cool us down.
Depending on your will, we may also explore some nearby beaches. For example, 10 minutes from Himare is Marachi beach, a very quiet place, where we can watch the most beautiful sunset which will for sure, be carved in our memory forever.
Or in about 1 hour on foot we can reach Livadhi Beach, known for its deep blue waters and endless olive groves.
Himare would be the ideal place to find tranquility and take a good nap, therefore, we will spend the night in this peaceful village.
Have lunch and dinner in Himare.
Day 9

Himare Beach –Lukova Beach – Ksamil Beach

After breakfast in Himare, we will continue our journey to the Albanian Riviera by touching the beauties and peculiarities of other beaches of the Ionian coast.
We will drive for about one hour to reach Lukove Beach. The beach is a combination of stones and sand. The way to the beach is long and follows the hills down like a snake road between the olive trees giving it a unique and natural beauty. It has almost turquoise like crystal clear waters with white sand. During the summer the beaches of Lukova are a peaceful escape from the crowded beaches of Dhermi and Jale.
After having lunch, continue our drive for about 1 hour to Ksamil.
We will have dinner in Ksamil and spend the night there.
Day 10

Ksamil Beach

Today we will explore one of the pearls of the Albanian Riviera, Ksamil Beach.
The island is painted by great masters of the brush, but above all it is known for the climate, tranquility, cuisine, the sun that rises and does not set.
This is KSAMIL, the coastal village with the white and soft sand which forms numerous coves that are not found everywhere. We will have lunch in Ksamil, and then can explore the nearby beaches.
In just a few minutes from the town, we will reach Monastery and Mirrors beaches.
Enjoy the sunset and the light breeze while having amazing views in front of us.
Spend the night in Ksamil, and get ready for the next day.
Day 11

Ksamil Beach – Butrint National Park (UNESCO) - Saranda

After breakfast in Ksamil, we will drive for about 35 min to reach one of the most important Archaeological sites in the country, BUTRINT NATIONAL PARK.
In 1999, it was declared under the protection of UNESCO and it is famous for the diverse biodiversity and history.
The poem of Virgil “Aeneid”, tells us that Butrint was founded in the 7th century BC by Aeneas, immediately after the fall of Troy.
Of particular importance in this ancient city are the Venetian Tower, the Butrint Theater, the Baptistery and the Basilica, one of the largest churches in the Balkans.
We will spend a few hours at this ancient site and then will get the chance to visit the coastal city of Saranda. (Around 30 minutes by car).
We will have lunch in Saranda and then will explore the city by ourselves.
In the evening, we will enjoy a delicious dinner at Lekuresi Castle, where the magnificent view of the city will be in front of our eyes.
Accomodation and overnight in Saranda.
Day 12

Saranda – Blue Eye Nationa Park – Gjirokaster (UNESCO)

After breakfast, we will leave behind the coastal city of Saranda and will head to Gjirokastra, known as “the stone city”.
On the way to Gjirokastra, we will drive for about 40 minutes to reach a must visit place. It is the karst spring called “The Blue Eye”. Its crystal water with different shades of colors and a depth of more than 50 m, creates the impression of a real eye. The water of this spring is thought to have healing properties, so the locals often use it to drink. Blue Eye hides a tropical paradise full of dense mountainous forest vegetation sycamores and oaks, palm trees, tropical plants and wild ferns.
While having the scenic view of Blue Eye in mind, we continue the drive for about 1 hour.
As we arrive in Gjirokastra, we will have lunch in a local restaurant and continue with exploring what this city has to offer. Start with the Castle of Gjirokastra, old town, and the old bazaar where traditional shops display unique artcrafts.
Public figures that have been born in Gjirokastra, had a substantial influence in the history of Albania.
One of the most important ones, is the dictator Enver Hoxha.
We will visit the home where he was born, which is now the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Weapons which is inside the castle.
In the evening, we are going to try out the local brandy, enjoy the traditional food and interact with the local people.

Accommodation and overnight in Gjirokastra.

Day 13

Gjirokaster (UNESCO) – Permet – Korçe

The breakfast in Gjirokastra, will be followed by 4 hours drive to reach a small but very charming city in the Southeast of Albania. Korça, “the city of serenades”.
Even though the journey will be long, the hustle and bustle of the day will be totally worth it. We will stop in Permet for refreshments and then will leave for Korça.
Also known as the “Little Paris”, this city holds a lot of history, art and tradition.
We will have lunch in Korça and will explore the city through a walking tour.
Of particular importance are the Museum of Medieval Art – one of the most important museum centres in Albania, the First Albanian School, the Orthodox Cathedral of Korca, the Mosque of Iliaz Bey Mirahori and the Old Bazaar.
We will have dinner and spend the night in this charming city with narrow alleys, colorful villas, traditional cafes and small shops.
Day 14

Korçe – Pogradec – Tirana

After breakfast we leave behind Korça and will continue to Pogradec. (40 minutes drive)
We will take a short break at Pogradeci Lake, the oldest lake in Europe and the favourite place of Dictator Enver Hoxha.
Once we have some rest, get a coffee and relax while we watch the white swans dancing over the lake, we will continue our journey to Tirana, a vibrant city, full of life.
Some of the most beautiful attractions of Tirana will be explored through a walking city tour. We will have lunch in Tirana and then will visit the Clock Tower, Mother Teresa Square, the New Bazaar, the Orthodox Church, Skanderbeg Square and the National Historic Museum.
Enjoy the farewell dinner and spend the night in Tirana.
Day 15

Tirana – Tirana International Airport

Depending on your flight schedule, we may have a coffee and talk about the experiences we had while exploring the mysteries of Albania.
Otherwise, you must get ready to go to the airport and catch the flight.
We hope that you have enjoyed your stay in Albania and hopefully we will see you soon
We wish you a pleasant journey!

nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.
nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.
nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.
nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.

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