7 Days
May – October

Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the Albanian Alps

Welcome to the pinnacle of expedition travel – Albanian Alps. It’s a place of extremes, where the wildlife and landscape paint a picture like nowhere else in the world. The extraordinary valleys, snowy peaks and breathtaking canyons are a stunning reward for those who conquer nature and its wildness. Amid the Albanian Alps beauty you may well encounter bears, wolves, wild cats, and even herds of wild goats climbing on the cliffs. This is the perfect place to explore such outdoor activities as skiing, mountain climbing, fishing, excursions and trekking throughout the valleys and streams.Traditional houses,regional cooking, with its specialties such as mazja, flija and pitja will go beyong any expectation. You’ll be talking about this journey for years to come.


WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen
in local guesthouses
4 Star Hotels
(Double/Twin Rooms)
Breakfast Transportation with 4 WD
Ferry Ticket Driver/Escort Guide

Cancellation Policy

Reservations & Payments

• Early reservations are essential
• Deposits and all payments may be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard)
• A deposit of 30% of the total amount is required as a deposit at the time of reservation
• One month prior to departure – BALANCE DUE
• No cancellation policy applied 90 days prior to tour departure.
• Failure to submit final payment by the above-noted deadlines may result in automatic cancellation of space & forfeiture of non-refundable deposits

Day 1

Mother Theresa Airport – Tirana

Welcome to Albania!

Our guide wishes you a warm welcome at Tirana Airport and accompanies you to the hotel where you will be accommodated.
Have a coffee and get ready to get a feeling of Albania.
Visit the colourful Tirana with the Skanderbeg Square, the New Bazaar, Ethem Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower, Orthodox Church and the National Historic Museum.
At the end of the day we suggest to have dinner together and talk about the first impressions of Albania.

Overnight in Tirana

Day 2

Tirana - Shkodra

After breakfast in Tirana, we will get the chance to continue our journey towards one of the greatest cities of Northern Albania.

This city, known for its unique style, will guide us through the course of history since antiquity.
We will visit the Mesi Bridge, and Rozafa Castle, rebuilt in the 14th century over the previous foundations of the Illyrian Castle.
Afterwards, we will take a short walk in the pedestrian area of the city and have lunch in a local restaurant (optional).
The day will continue with a visit to Marubi National Photography Museum and will proceed with a walking tour of the city.

In the evening, we will relax and retank some energies for the next day, while enjoying a glass of raki (a popular alcoholic beverage in the Balkans).

Overnight in Shkodra.

Day 3

Shkodra – Boge – Theth National Park

A new adventure towards the north of Albania will start at around 6 am. We know that you might want to sleep, but believe us, you will soon realize that waking up early was totally worth it.
We will drive for about 1 hour to reach Boge, a spectacular location between the mountains where we can enjoy a coffee amidst the breathtaking view of the Alps.
The vibe is slow and easy around here.
To reach Thethi National Park, we have to drive for around two more hours.
Upon arrival in Thethi, we will have lunch at a traditional guesthouse.
In the afternoon, we will visit the main Church of the area and the isolation tower of Nikoll Koceku- known as the tower where more than 300 conflicts are reconciled.
We will spend the night in Thethi, and listen to stories and legends from the glorious past of this region.
Day 4

Theth National Park

After breakfast, we will explore the wild nature and picturesque landscapes of the surrounding area.
Thethi offers hidden gems that should not be missed in your photo collection . You can share those photos with your friends once you’re back home and let them know about the great adventure you had in Thethi.
As you can imagine, this will be a long day!
We will go on a hike towards the Blue Eye for about 3.5 hours.
You will definitely be amazed by the beauty of this natural pool.
Friendly Reminder!! Please do not forget to take your swimming equipment!!
A refreshing bath and a picnic lunch will be the perfect combination to chill out.
The day will be crowned with a hike for about 1 hour to Grunasi Waterfall.
The waterfall falls from a height of 30 m, through rocks sculpted by the unstoppable flow of water throughout the centuries. Indeed, the water derives entirely from snow water!
After coming back to our guesthouse in Theth, a delicious dinner with local products, will be waiting for us.
Day 5

Theth National Park – Valbona National Park

Waking up in Theth, in the midst of the chirping of the birds, the noise of the river and the high peaks will be one of the most impressive moments of this tour.
Are you curious to know more about what we are going to do today?
After a hearty breakfast in Theth, an inspiring natural treasure of Albania – Valbona is waiting for us.
We have to walk for about 6-8 hours on the peaks of the Albanian Alps, 2300-2400 meters above the sea level.
A picnic lunch and refreshments will be provided on the hike.

Upon arrival in Valbona, Lake Xhema and the Water Mill will be the spots of our itinerary (optional).
Traditional music and a lovely atmosphere with warm hosts, will make this night unforgettable.

Overnight in Valbona.

Day 6

Valbona National Park – Komani Lake – Fishte - Tirana

Our trip is coming to an end, but we are not done yet. Komani Lake is next.
Komani Lake is known for the stunning view, located amidst beautiful landscapes, scree, rock formations, mountains, riverbeds and the odd animal spotting.
As we will start the journey towards Fierze at around 6:30 am, we will have a packaged breakfast.
The ferry from Fierze to Koman will take 2.5 hours.
From Koman we will drive for about 2 hours on a bumpy road, but the scenic view will accompany us until we reach one of the best Agrotourism place in Albania, the village of Fishta.
This village is the birthplace of Albania´s national poet, Gjergj Fishta, the author of The Highland Lute.
Known for its slow food tradition, we will experience the real Albanian Cuisine with local specialities, rich traditional food and beautiful nature.
In the afternoon, we will drive towards Tirana, where we will have dinner, spend the night and again feel the vibe of this dynamic city.
Day 7

Tirana – Mother Theresa Airport

Depending on your flight schedule, we may have a coffee break and talk about the trip in Albania.
Otherwise, you must get ready to go to the airport and catch the flight.
We hope that you have enjoyed your stay in Albania and hopefully we will see you soon
We wish you a pleasant journey!

nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.
nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.
nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.
nanAlbania Travel & Tours - Tours in Albania - Travel Agency in Albania - Not sure where to go and a need a little inspiration? We can help.

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